Mark and I started Neighborhood Weekly Radio (NWR to all you fans!) to bring our joy and excitement of playing music that people didn’t know, or haven’t heard in a long time, to anyone who would listen.  We did not create this station to make money (“you have to spend money to lose money”-Mark), but […]

Welcome to a new feature on NWR called “Sonic Libations”! Discover interesting interviews with friends, fans, artists, and musicians, and anyone else who has a passion for music and libations! NWR will interview guests who have selected songs for NWR to play, and also suggestions of a libation (drink, food or both ). For those […]

On Friday April 6th, 2018, we officially launched our first show at 6:00 PM Eastern Time.  It didn’t go well, and the network cancelled our show.  Oh I kid, since Mark and I are the network.  We will be playing the first intro show periodically throughout the week of April 8th (as well as some […]

Hey all, Thanks for stopping by to check out Neighborhood Weekly Radio!  Mark and I started this radio station because of our love for music, discussion, food, and of course drinks. We have several shows that we are in the processing of creating, recording and producing, which includes: Sonic Libations Forgotten Vinyl Weekly Views The […]

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