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That’s right!  Mark is sufficiently rested for us to try a live brunch show this Sunday (May 20th) at 10:00AM.

Waiting to hear if Mark can make it, but a show of some sort will start  at 7:30PM.  Get your seat belts ready because we will be featuring “Wham!”, an oral history.  Hope you can join us 🙂

Anything goes.

We will be live at 8:30 tonight.  Hope you can join us.

Stop by for a listen…

Never know what will happen…

This one will be a mashup of Sonic Libations, 24×7 Bar, and any other format we feel like.  Hopefully the tech works this time!  Phone ins will also be a part, so stay tuned…

Hi all, the bartender just let me know the live stream is set and we will be broadcasting at 9PM tonight from the 24×7 bar!  There’s always a stool available, so sit down, mix a drink and listen to some music for the mood.

Hey all, tune into NWR tonight at 7PM for an encore of the first Forgotten Vinyl show.

The first Forgotten Vinyl show is in the can and is scheduled for today, May 2 2018 @3PM.  Click the “Listen Now” link to check it out.  The record player is a bit rough sounding, as are the vinyl records, but that’s the charm (at least we convince ourselves of that).  Enjoy!

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