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Mark and I started Neighborhood Weekly Radio (NWR to all you fans!) to bring our joy and excitement of playing music that people didn’t know, or haven’t heard in a long time, to anyone who would listen.  We did not create this station to make money (“you have to spend money to lose money”-Mark), but […]

Welcome to a new feature on NWR called “Sonic Libations”! Discover interesting interviews with friends, fans, artists, and musicians, and anyone else who has a passion for music and libations! NWR will interview guests who have selected songs for NWR to play, and also suggestions of a libation (drink, food or both ). For those […]

NWR had a great time interviewing author and podcaster Andy Mascola! Check out Andy’s latest novel Where Are You Now, Randy Dow? and his podcast People Are The Enemy.

This week featured a very special segment about President Trump’s dancing prowess, followed up by a phone in by the “president” himself.

This week Mark and Mitch play “What’s My Line” with a mystery guest. Also, Mark seeks to redeem himself of his cover song choices from the previous episode. It didn’t go as planned.

In this episode, Mitch and Mark interview Wally Salem of The Beautiful Music record label! We discuss Wally’s musical interests, how he became involved in starting a record label, and much more.

This Week In The Neighborhood is super pleased to welcome Aimsel Ponti to the station for a live interview! Aimsel is the Music Writer and Content Producer for the Portland Press Herald and is the host of Music from 207 on the Portland Maine radio station 98.9 WCLZ. In this interview we discuss the Portland […]

This Week In The Neighborhood is a super special edition folks! The NWR Dating Game (Patent Pending) premiers, featuring A-List (or “a” list) celebrities and personalities, and someone named Don Miller. Or was that John Miller? Have a listen and find out! Original Air Date: 07/24/2020

This Week In The Neighborhood we welcome talented musician and game show contestant Eytan Mirsky! We explore his music, IMDB credits, songwriting and the inner workings of Jeopardy! Check out Eytan’s music over on bandcamp at Original Air Date: 07/17/2020

The NWR podcast is back with a a new season and a great episode of This Week In The Neighborhood, featuring an interview with John (AKA Yanni) Fotiadis of Empty City Squares! We talk about Yanni’s latest tracks and the theme for the upcoming album. For more information, check out and be sure to […]

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