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Written by on April 28, 2021

Mark and I started Neighborhood Weekly Radio (NWR to all you fans!) to bring our joy and excitement of playing music that people didn’t know, or haven’t heard in a long time, to anyone who would listen.  We did not create this station to make money (“you have to spend money to lose money”-Mark), but rather to enable us to have fun and bring our musical world to yours.  And it was always our hope that our listeners could also bring their musical world to us; we are always learning about new music and bands which is fantastic!

We like to consider our station “alternative”.  But not because we solely play what people think of as alternative music.  Rather we embrace the idea of bringing great music (often, and importantly, locally influenced) to a greater audience.  We enjoy playing bands and songs that are not given a chance on “regular” radio.  Also, I don’t think alternative music is isolated to what we traditionally think of as the late 70s thru the 90s.  Alternative music is just that; an alternative to what is typically aired.  

To be clear, it doesn’t mean we don’t like or don’t play the popular/successful artists and music.  We don’t believe in being contrarian for the sake of it, and “refuse” to play successful artists. Instead, we level-set the independent artists, local bands, successful bands, and all great music to the same simple standard that guides us; if we like something we are going to play it.  We don’t have any pre-programmed list that must be followed.  As many of you know, Mark and I typically don’t even know what we are going to play on a given show.  Sure, we have some requests, and artists that we know we want to get on the air, but many times, we let the show and the music guide us.  It is this sense of genuine mutual discovery that we want people to hear and enjoy; from our neighborhood to yours.

– Mitch

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